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The Mission

Assisting organizations with the insights to anticipate what customers want and act instantly to deliver on those demands.

The Vision

Helping businesses leverage cloud to create exceptional customer experiences and improve time to market.

Our Determination

Helping you implement the technologies you’ll need to navigate and empower your people to thrive in the booming digital economy.

Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through the latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the curve by building business-centric, tailored application portfolios with cutting-edge technologies that are both nimble and future-proof.

Smart DevOps-driven application development and enhancement

Speed time-to-market with high-speed application development and enhancement, industrialized through automation, IPs, open-source, low-code/no-code principles, and third-party technology stacks.

Industry Solutions

Employ a product-centric approach leveraging our rich domain expertise and modern engineering principles to achieve faster time to value. Develop tailored, domain-specific solutions to help meet your unique demands.

Application Integration

Build APIs that enable seamless integration and data/workflow transformation across applications. Speed time to market and enterprise agility through flexible application architecture and a configuration-driven approach.

Modernize applications, improve technical value, harness cloud-based development, and make your portfolio digital-ready.

Application-led Cloud Migration

Employ a platform-driven approach to cloud migration, making applications digital-ready while ensuring agility, elastic scalability, and cost-effective modernization.

Legacy Modernization

Modernize legacy applications and their ecosystem to a cost-effective modern platform, using a fully automated, tools-based approach.

Technology Upgrades

Upgrade technology cost-effectively and migrate applications with automated assessment and remediation.

All this is enabled through a comprehensive modernization platform that combines the proprietary, third-party tools and IPs for an industrialized approach across the lifecycle of your application portfolio.

Industrialize application management through a platform-based application maintenance strategy. This helps create a self-funding model to ensure your applications are fit for use and fit for purpose.

Platform-led Application Maintenance

We industrialize application maintenance through Avalon’s artificial business intelligence (BI) strategies and solutions. Delivering consistent value by making applications fit for use and fit for purpose, and zero in on zero maintenance.

Smart Operations

Employ transformational IT operations approach to run support operations as a single integrated unit, powered by an integrated tools/process/automation platform that drives operational excellence, agility, and cost savings.

Data Management

A typical data governance solution includes the data governance framework, charter, policy, process, and controls standards. With architecture to support enterprise-wide data management governance, companies can achieve synergies that contribute to operational excellence.

Business Intelligent

BI informs business priorities, goals, and directions by tracking and publishing predefined key performance indicators in the form of dashboards, drill-up/drill-down cubes, and reports for every aspect of business operations.

Managed Analysis

Marketing analytics techniques look at metrics from all sources and channels, and combine it into a single view to summarize the performance of marketing initiatives.

Data Analysis

Revenue opportunities, better customer service, more effective marketing, improved operational efficiency and real competitive advantages.

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