GLTC didn’t just need a new website, they needed to be able to work, grow, and scale according to customer demand.

“We had a shortlist of the usual ecommerce providers, we researched their functionality and methods of working. When we found Shopify Plus, we spent a lot of time researching the product and other websites using the platform,” Jamie says.

“Choosing the right eCommerce platform all came down to the product, and Shopify’s core product is fantastic. All the functionality we needed was there. In fact, it opened up a new world of possibilities that we hadn’t even considered.

“We were confident in how stable the platform was and secure in the knowledge that there would be no hiccups on Black Friday!”


“We were restricted to release cycles that needed to be planned heavily in advance. The website itself was becoming dated and functionality that had been on our wishlist for years still wasn’t progressing.”

It wasn’t a matter of technical expertise, GLTC simply didn’t have access to what they needed nor the freedom to make changes to the front end quickly.


As important as the numbers, Great Little Trading Company finally has the freedom they need to work more effectively. They no longer have to wait through long development and deployment cycles.

With their new home on Shopify Plus, Jamie and the GLTC team are looking forward to the future, with a home for the business that is fast, flexible, and effective.